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Enrico Argentin personal trainer
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".. I can only tell good things and be thankful about my experience training with Enrico. I really changed my habits and saw my body changing day by day,    I lost fat and gained muscles and strength. Also,   I enjoyed the support with my diet and never felt bored with our training. Training with him is fun! He was always there pushing it a bit further. I feel more energectic and active than never and would never again be a couch potato. Keep on moving! .." 


".. Enrico is my hero! After having a microdiscectomy, due to a slipped disc in my lower back 10 months ago, I was pretty much resigned to life with limited flexibility, strength and an un-toned body. Three months ago I took the leap to find a personal trainer, I had zero confidence in the gym and was full of fear. I was so lucky to find Enrico, he's been incredibly patient with my lack of confidence but also firm enough to push me gently through the sessions. I have seen dramatic changes in my physical appearance, energy levels, flexibility, strength and stamina. 

I would highly recommend Rj to anyone who is looking for a friendly, personable, knowledgeable personal trainer.."


".. Enrico is an amazing trainer who is able to train his clients with whatever specific area the client wants to work on. His has full knowledge around the muscles that are being trained so that the maximum results can be attained. He has some really good workout sets that really target those jiggly areas. Thanks Enrico.. " 


".. Been training with Enrico for about 6 months now and he has been great. Very tailored program and a great personalised diet plan! I lost more thank 10 kg. Such a friendly guy too and I would recommend him to anyone looking to loose weight or build muscle! Thank you for all the help mate .. "


".. Definitely not your average trainer. This one cares to listen and understands the physiological factors going into a sound, challenging workout. You can't go wrong with Enrico.. "


".. Since meeting Enrico, it’s the first time I’ve ever enjoyed training in a gym. Time passes quickly and the sessions are varied. He also provides a rounded service, focusing on nutrition as well as exercise so that I achieve my goals quicker. I’m definitely seeing a difference and getting more toned which is exactly what I wanted.. "


".. With my job I don’t have much free time. I asked Enrico to help me to get my 26 years old body properly lean and toned. Enrico is amazing! 
The workouts were very clear and intuitive, the nutrition advice was simple! I highly recommend this trainer, he changed my life!.."


".. I was never convinced of PT before, but I have to admit Enrico first is very good, and second he actually listen to what you like, want and makes it an enjoyable work out. He is a great PT.. "


".. I trained with Enrico several times and I highly recommend him both if you want to lose weight or get toned (which were my goals)! What differentiate him from the other trainers is that you can feel that he's an expert in what he's teaching and he could truly motivate me! He also gave me many nutrition advices that helped me so much with my weight loss! .."


".. I love working out with Enrico. He's a great trainer and he is able to target desired areas you want to work on. He also has real good knowledge on the muscles that are being worked on so that the maximum result is achieved. I do love this trainer. Amazing guy .."


".. I train with Enrico to lose weight and rebuild my body, and let me tell you, he's an awesome trainer! Never had such an experienced and reliable person in any other sport I played! He can truly motivate me and I enjoy each and every lesson! 

Highly recommended! .."


".. I’m 23 and I'm living in London. It has always been difficult for me to menage exercising and having a well-balanced food diary for weight loss goals. Enrico definitely helped me to achieve that in a short period. He provided me with a great nutritional advices together with a tailored workout exercises indoors and outdoors .. "


".. I’m 37 and I live in San Francisco, California, but in the last 10 years I’ve never been at the beach because I wasn’t feeling comfortable bare-breasted.

Finally, thanks to Enrico, I found my confidence and I’m not that shy anymore to show my chest. He change my life .. "


".. I trained at home and at the park with Enrico, he really motivated me and he tailored a great diet plan. I lost more than 10kg with Enrico .."


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